Prayer Wheels

We spin prayer wheels and pray at His Holiness the Dalai Lama's temple. Our prayers help us decrease negative karma.

Tibetan National Flag

I took this photo to show that we have our own national flag and leader. I want the world to know that Tibet is its own country.

Jogibara Road

We all rely on each other.


The boy in this thangka shop reminds me of my younger brother, who is in Tibet. He is so cute and friendly that people often give him attention and gifts.

Temple Road

There aren't many jobs in India. Some of us sell things on the street to survive.


This monk lays down to touch his forehead to the ground. He is quite old but he never gives up.

Burning Bright

These butter lamps help us recognize the light when we cannot see.


Customers come here because he is so polite and keeps his shop very clean.


This image of a butter lamp, made out of students' bodies, represents our hope for freedom.